New year, new fears, new triumphs

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Fear has a way of over powering our lives in some ways. It sneaks in even in the most pleasant situations. There are times when I’m scared that things are going too well. I get scared for what going to happen to mess that up. Of course there are things that aren’t right or haven’t gone my way but what’s the fun of a perfect life. There would be nothing to work towards, nothing to dream about, and nothing to sink your teeth into and work on. C3357182-F882-4C5E-9F29-416EF6EE7D10That’s one thing I love about new years, it’s a holiday that brings out people’s fears, insecurities and issues but in a positive way. It’s a day and a time that makes you want to fix those things. All of a sudden you have the confidence to think you can turn over a new leaf. Many resolutions are broken within weeks after new years eve, lets face it we cant fix everything. There is always something that changes, fixes or you are really working towards now. For me there are two things on my list this year; I want to take better care if myself and my body. There is nothing more I would love then to be more confident and healthy, those stem from a heathy lifestyle and less lemon cake from Starbucks. The other major resolution I have for 2018 is to discover what I want to do next in my career. Since I graduated, I have been full force towards achieving a dream career that will make me happy. With that drive I have bounced around to few different jobs and landed in a comfortable place. I know in my heat that my career is not in a comfortable place. I’m yearning for more, but finding a hard time figuring my next step. I’m sure there are many other #bossladies who have encountered this struggle. It isn’t always cut and dry what your next step should be. So how to escape the dead end you feel you’ve hit?B4A9E67A-3A7D-497A-AD8A-0023F17A11C1 I am not saying new years eve will whisper the secrets to my success in my ear at midnight but I think amongst the glitter, champagne and confetti I will find the mental break from the worry I have been seeking. So to all the up and comers who are stuck at the same road block, you are not alone. I pray that all of our new years are filled with change for the good, peace of mind and lots of champagne popping moments!




Off the Yellow Brick Road

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In the days of a boss babe I find myself questioning myself often indecisive, doubtful and not always confident. These are not profitable qualities, they are inevitable. My week has been a crazy ride of emotion. They say the only thing that is constant is change. In times of change, keeping a calm head is hard 32% of the time, at least for me. I believe that change is sent down from God to keep us on our toes. I am humbled by the lack of getting exactly what I want. I pray for one thing and I believe God has a sneaky way of getting it to me, sort of. I will never be one to comment of how God divides his blessings, but I know that he will always keep me blessed in some way.IMG_3826

We think we have such control over our lives and self help books do nothing but confirm that. But what do we do when life throws a curve ball? Even when we do it all right, I have no doubt that there will always be things we can not control. In the past 3 weeks, I have been living by faith and by the patience of living one day at a time. Its a staple rule to live one day at a time, but it is a terribly hard to follow. In the past 3 weeks, I put in my 2 weeks notice at my terrible job with no other opportunity lined up. I went on 4 interviews in one week for 3 different companies. I prayed everyday to get a certain job. I got a job but not the one I prayed for. My vacation was canceled due to the hurricanes coming our way. Finally, today I am celebrating my anniversary with  my boyfriend.  When I quit my job with nothing lined up, I wondered if that was foolish, many people certainly told me it was. It seemed as though I had wandered off my own path.IMG_3479

I think the metaphorical yellow brick road is the easy clear path. What should and is done, so what happens when we stray off the clear path? That my friends is where the miracles happen. The risk takers and the curious minds are the ones who find their way to a new road. Keep wandering.



The Bitter Bite

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As if there weren’t enough hard things about adulting, can we talk about jealousy and being just a little bit bitter? As young professionals, especially as a creative, we are forced to work hard, push more and hustle always. These are the tools of success we are brought up on in this modern world. So when we follow the rules for two years and get hardly anywhere, then have to watch a young graduate walk out of graduation, cross the finish line with a new full time job, apartment and career…how am I supposed to not be bitter.IMG_3479

Most Children are brought up with the notion that “life isn’t fair” while this is true, that doesn’t  make it suck any less when someone is handed something you’ve been working hard towards. So how do we deal with it? We know “things aren’t fair”, “karma is a bitch” and “it is what it is” but these clever phrases don’t help or make it better. Anyone working towards something has a drive, that thing that keeps them going. Using that drive is shadow the hard times is what keeps you going. As far as feeling better, time is the only healer. Eventually, you will move on to your own triumph and success, even if it isn’t how or when you planned. As I’ve grown, each year I learn more and more how true “everything happens for a reason” is. It’s some of the most painful things we go through that bring us to who we are.IMG_3267

Working through my jealousy and frustrations with life, I honestly find comfort in myself. I read old blog posts, I look through old pictures and remember a different time. It reminds me of what I’ve been through; the good, the bad, the funny, the scary. Using what I’ve already written, is like taking advice from myself. Your work, your effort and your connections will get you somewhere but your faith will take you anywhere.



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As a girl, if you ever want to see the phases you were going through, there are a few place you can look. 1. your clothes 2. your Google searches and 3. your Pinterest page. Recently I’ve been a little wedding crazy, and I use the excuse that I’m doing research for brides and staying on top of trends for future clients. Recently though, I have been planning my own wedding based off of a nonexistent proposal. Literally planning everything; the places, the dress, the rings, the food, and even the people. I almost wrote down a guest list…it wasn’t long before my entire Pinterest was only wedding things. I was a little embarrassed, I had let something that isn’t even happening yet take over my running thoughts. It didn’t take long to notice that the things that kept me balanced were no longer there. The recipes, workouts, street style, and home decor, things that for me help make up a balanced and fulfilled life, were pushed to the bottom and sometimes never represented on my board. The single focus that my Pinterest board turned into made me think about how I can help others balance their lifeIMG_2914

Looking at my Pinterest as a balance board for life may not be accurate but it may help me describe what a life stylist is. When I had my business cards made and took that leap of faith in myself as an entrepreneur, I wasn’t sure what I was, fashion or events? I didn’t want to make two separate cards, so I landed on “Lifestylist”. All aspects of life deserve to be pretty, styled and tailored to you, and be in balance with everything else, just like a good outfit. A balanced life is a happy life, just like a good Pinterest feed. Having all the focus on one area is not healthy, and keeping each area pretty and well maintained and interesting is what a lifestylist does. Anything can be pretty, anyone can be fabulous, and any single day can change your life. IMG_3189

Style is who you are without having to speak. This statements holds true to your home, your clothes, and even your way of living. Giving those few extra moments can make the world of difference, but if you ever need a little help, I’m right there for you. Keeping life pretty is like keeping a balanced Pinterest feed, never letting things get chaotic and out of hand.



Summer Sunnies

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As we get older, I don’t know if it just me, but do you feel like summer just doesn’t quite feel like summer anymore? I was born a summer baby, July 30th, and I have always been one for tan skin, wavy beach hair and being poolside for hours on end. As we grow up, no one reminds us that the days you used to spend making sand castles on the beach are traded for days in a stuffy office behind a computer screen. While we may have kissed good bye to summer break, we shouldn’t kiss away that little extra summer style.

Summer is all about the Sunnies, that perfect pair to give you that extra kick of on trend. There are three sunglasses trends that I wanted to bring to your attention. First, the Dramatic pair, are everything and more for that bold HBIC on the beach… Not to mention the mirrored front lenses to cover any shade you may be throwing in any given direction. If you know me at all you know I love a good bargain, these bad boys are only $11.99 on Amazon… I mean. Image result for pastel pink sunnies

Second, if the Edgy girl look isn’t your thing, try a softer rounded look with these great aviator like sunnies from Ashby in the RVA for you local girls. I have been obsessed with these most of the spring and am excited to carry the trend into my summer wardrobe. IMG_2904.JPG

Lastly, I want to talk to my girly girls. That great pastel pink you all love, well it’s finally on trend bigger then ever this summer. It’s soft and does wonders for that tan skin we all crave during the summer. You can find this color palette all over the runways and in every store in a multitude of ways.More suits* #menstyle* style and fashion for men...


Even though #adulting has taken away a lot of our freedom during these summer months, don’t let it take your sense of style.



Product Feature: Brown Box Inc.

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During this Adulting time, in a twenty somethings life, you can’t get on Facebook or Instagram without seeing Engagement rings, ultrasound photos and new homes in the background. I’ll be the first to admit its hard not to be envious of those who are achieving goals at such a young age. I look at it as, more to look forward to later in life. So for those of us who are still just trying to get through the day at a bull shit job, not want to kill ourselves when we come home to our childhood bedroom and rubbing two pennies together trying to make a nickel, heres to you.

I recently was invited to a birthday party of a friend of a friend and was faced with the challenge of buying a gift for her. I’m extra and don’t like to come to a party empty handed…it’s rude.

We all have that friend, that girl we know through so and so and is in our group but we don’t really communicate outside of when we aren’t with all our friends. We don’t hang out one on one or know each others middle names but at the same time we are kinda friends. I hardly knew anything about this girl honestly and yet I did not want to show up with wine or a gift card. Through much searching and right in time for Labor day/ Summer I found Brown Box Inc. The cutest little Etsy shop that is targeted for broke college kids and young adults who want to give or get something unique! Upon further investigation I discover that they recently launched their site, I felt honored to be a trail blazing customer!

Seriously though, there was nothing to complain about with this company, adorable, affordable and quick! Themed gifts at an affordable price, What more could you want. I love finding up and comers to support! If High School Musical taught us anything as entrepreneurs  “We are all this together”


Down the Rabbit hole

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There is a well known world that many know of but few dare to enter. This, my friends, is the world of Pageantry. I am lucky enough to feature the current Miss Chesterfield  Ashley Fisher this week! Just like while preparing for a pageant, we went all out for this piece, including a super fun Alice in Wonderland themed shoot!


If there is anything I have learned from being a bystander of my dear friend Miss Chesterfield, is that pageantry  is not something that can be half assed. Just like falling down the rabbit hole, its all or nothing. While enjoying our Mad Hatter style tea party, I was lucky enough to get a feel for who this Princess is as a contestant.

I first asked “So why did you want to get into pageants?”. Ashley, sipping tea, said “I  began pageants to prove to myself that if I could win one, that I could do other things and focus my mind on, without previous experience or knowledge – and I was right. I believe life is full of many twists and turns; knowing how to handle these situations without experience is key to believing in yourself to push through and continue forward.”

While continuing to sip tea and munch on delicious treats, the topic quickly changed to style, a huge part of pageants and to me one of the more exciting parts!


A person’s outfit speak volumes, and they are the first impression before you say a word. Any fashionista knows the importance of a good outfit, and I asked “What would you say your style is?” “I have a few different styles depending on what I am doing throughout the day. I keep my style business casual at work, lounge style at home, and in-style clothes when doing appearances as Miss Chesterfield. I believe your clothing style highlights your personal “style”: your flair, what makes you, you. I am pretty much a relaxed-casual being and my clothes reflect that.”  Finally I had to ask, just for the record who her favorite designer is! Every pageant girl has that dress that they just feel beautiful in, and for Miss Chesterfield, that’s Sherri Hill. “I have one of her couture gowns and it is breathtaking; I don’t think I could sell it if I had to!”

So as a Non-princess or crown chaser, what have I learned from Miss Chesterfield? She has easily shown what hard work, preparation and talent can get you. She entered into this new realm and figured her way to the top heading to Miss Virginia in June, just like Alice finding her way through Wonderland. Only when Miss Chesterfield wakes up on June 24th, it won’t have all been a dream, she will have really made it.


Phasing out the phases

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As a young adult, we have a habit to become laser focused on a certain thing for a matter of time then drop the microphone never to revisit the subject. Exhibit A. That time when you thought you were going to be a Instagram model, for a few weeks all you did was like other photos, research models who had made it from the popularity of their Instagram, take pictures against your white garage door and come up with clever captions and hashtags just to get a subpar number of likes. Eventually to give up and just go back to regular pictures of life where you aren’t trying quiet as hard.img_1662.jpg

In today’s world, we are open to so many alternative careers, by that I mean nontraditional jobs. There are some people who live on Instagram, posting photos for companies as an ambassador. We also have careers running other peoples Social media. These are jobs that did not even exist until a few years ago. Every twenty something is gunning for those few spots. While the importance of Social Media isn’t going away any time soon, what are you left when the Social media manager is no longer hiring? We all go through phases that mean so much to us for a brief moment then are gone like the wind. Platform heels, jelly bracelets, and jeans under a slip dress…trends that have lived and died. Just like fashion trends, we go through phases of our career that we need to go through to come out on the other side knowing how we feel about it. Whether thats what you love and want to do the rest of your life or hated and are done with!IMG_1831

Growing as a boss lady we have to separate what is just a phase and what our true calling is. If you were put on this earth to be an Instagram model, more power to you, I’m jealous. Job hopping is not cute after, say 30, so as we grow into polished, professional boss ladies we must work to phase out the “phases” of our career that aren’t leading us towards a bigger goal. I’m 23, not to say I’ve figure it out by any means, but I’m going onto bigger and better things as soon as I’m done with this annoying phase I’m currently in.


No Pain No Gain

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The past is a powerful thing, it built you up to who are now, it has placed the scars that haunt your present, its set your way of thinking based on experiences. The past is constant, yesterday good or bad, is now in the past.

Think of a horror movie, behind you is where the killer creeps. Our fears typically stem from what is behind us. Not many of us walk around unafraid and unfazed by scary things. There is plenty in this world to frighten us all. Doing your own thing is possibly one of the scariest things for an up and coming #bosslady.

One of my favorite quotes is “The best is only at the cost of great pain” Some people would disagree with this, but when I first heard it, everything clicked and even when I was in the middle of the great pain I knew something great would be waiting for me on the other side. Using the pain and hurt from the past helps you build and grow. This easily applies to all areas of life; relationships, family, business and  school.IMG_1606

The fact is, you will be disappointed in this life. You will be let down by people, things and sometimes the hardest, yourself. It isn’t how or when you fall but its what you do once you’re down. Some people take a moment to regain their strength, like myself. I always get back up, I have yet to give up on things that will make me happy in the long run. The best part of being down is that you can only go up. What gets you back on our feet? To fully know what can pull you back up, is to know what makes you happy and know what drives you.

So what pulls up back up? What knocked you down? What made you almost give up? Are you currently down waiting for a hand up? Let me know! We can’t make it in this world without a little help from others as inspiration.


Monkey bars motivation

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Most of what I write about is confidence, #adulting and growing pains in your early twenties. I feel it is only fair to warn the young ones growing up behind me of what they are in for.FullSizeRender 3

I had lunch with on of my fabulous college friends this past weekend and while reminiscing about beer, boys and back roads; we realized that its crazy how different things are and how different the mind set is even just from a year ago. This time last year I was knee deep in a depression. Heart ace, rejection and learning the hard way. I couldn’t let go of a college mind set, losing friends, moving back home not having my own space and just having a different life that wasn’t about test, graduating or what we should do Friday night. Now life was about money, loans and trying to get my dreams going.IMG_1451

Today I am a little smarter, a little older and a lot more comfortable with where I am in life. Life is like the monkey bars sometimes. All major steps are represented by a bar. Any adult who has tried to climb the monkey bars knows that its a lot more difficult to climb them now then when they were a kid. Kind of like life as a kid, life seems so simple. Grow up, get a job, get married, have babies, be a grandma then die; Life is simple. As we grow up things become more complicated and require more out of us. Just like reaching out for those next bars when your a quarter of a way through it gets tough, you get tired just like you get old and reaching for those next bars are a little harder. It’s getting easier to let go though, let go of that college life bar and reach out for the next bar in front of me. Reach out for that career bar, that marriage and house bar. One bar at a time.