No Pain No Gain

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The past is a powerful thing, it built you up to who are now, it has placed the scars that haunt your present, its set your way of thinking based on experiences. The past is constant, yesterday good or bad, is now in the past.

Think of a horror movie, behind you is where the killer creeps. Our fears typically stem from what is behind us. Not many of us walk around unafraid and unfazed by scary things. There is plenty in this world to frighten us all. Doing your own thing is possibly one of the scariest things for an up and coming #bosslady.

One of my favorite quotes is “The best is only at the cost of great pain” Some people would disagree with this, but when I first heard it, everything clicked and even when I was in the middle of the great pain I knew something great would be waiting for me on the other side. Using the pain and hurt from the past helps you build and grow. This easily applies to all areas of life; relationships, family, business and  school.IMG_1606

The fact is, you will be disappointed in this life. You will be let down by people, things and sometimes the hardest, yourself. It isn’t how or when you fall but its what you do once you’re down. Some people take a moment to regain their strength, like myself. I always get back up, I have yet to give up on things that will make me happy in the long run. The best part of being down is that you can only go up. What gets you back on our feet? To fully know what can pull you back up, is to know what makes you happy and know what drives you.

So what pulls up back up? What knocked you down? What made you almost give up? Are you currently down waiting for a hand up? Let me know! We can’t make it in this world without a little help from others as inspiration.


Monkey bars motivation

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Most of what I write about is confidence, #adulting and growing pains in your early twenties. I feel it is only fair to warn the young ones growing up behind me of what they are in for.FullSizeRender 3

I had lunch with on of my fabulous college friends this past weekend and while reminiscing about beer, boys and back roads; we realized that its crazy how different things are and how different the mind set is even just from a year ago. This time last year I was knee deep in a depression. Heart ace, rejection and learning the hard way was the highlights of the time. I couldn’t let go of a college mind set, losing friends moving back home not having my own space and jus having a different life that was about test, graduating or what we should do Friday night. Now life was about money, loans and trying to get my dreams going.IMG_1451

Today I am a little smarter, a little older and a lot more comfortable with where I am in life. Life is like the monkey bars sometimes. All major steps are represented by a bar. Any adult who has tried to climb the monkey bars knows that its a lot more difficult to climb them now then when they were a kid. Kind of like life as a kid, life seems so simple. Grow up, get a job, get married, have babies, be a grandma then die; Life is simple. As we grow up things become more complicated and require more out of us. Just like reaching out for those next bars when your a quarter of a way through it gets tough, you get tired just like you get old and reaching for those next bars are a little harder. It’s getting easier to let go though, let go of that college life bar and reach out for the next bar in front of me. Reach out for that career bar, that marriage and house bar. One bar at a time.




Celebrations and Decorations

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People always get on me about being over the top, I could plan a dinner at a brewery and take it to a whole other level real quick; request everyone dress their best, send out digital invites, since the dinner is probably like two days away and get there early to decorate the table with fresh flowers and little theme related decor. Its something that I’ve embraced about myself. It’s something that once I did embrace, it made my career a little more clear. IMG_0478

I believe that there is always a reason to celebrate, every holiday, birthday, special event in your life and just celebrating life in general. This I have believed since my early years and passion for fashion. Dress up for yourself, take that extra five minutes to make yourself feel good the rest of the day. The always inspiring Rachel Zoe taught me that. Stepping into the event and wedding world takes that celebration to a whole new level. I constantly find myself being sucked down the rabbit hole of decor, themed food and a great outfit to match the occasion. For example,  tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day and what have I spent a solid chunk of my afternoon doing, searching on Pinterest for green drink recipes, playful and tasty treats I can bring to the party and spray tan coupons so my pale ass skin doesn’t frighten anyone in my green dress. Waste of time, maybe a little, but I couldn’t be more excited to go to Target after work and pick up all the supplies I need to complete St. Patrick’s day! I don’t love St’Patricks day, but I love having a reason to celebrate! To gather with friends and drink fun drinks. I am this way about any and all holidays. Celebrating is  that good job, that congratulations that makes you want to keep going. Small celebrations help us get to the bigger ones, so celebrate those tiny victories. You got that copier unjammed all by yourself, you finished that essay that you racked your brain about for days, you got through the day with only two cups of coffee instead of five, you made it to Friday and can’t wait to pop champagne and kick back! IMG_0078

So to all you nay sayers who think its just another day, it is, another day to celebrate life! Take each day as a blessing and a chance. #Blessed that you get another day on this earth and another chance to do better, be better and make this world a better place.

Decorate life, celebrate yourself.


You can’t know where you’re going till you know where you are.

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3 thing I am going to want to remember about this part of my career

As a young adult at the ripe old age of 23, I am just starting out. Anyone who has read any of my previous posts knows the following: post grad was life is hard, I literally went into a minor depression for about a year after leaving college. I had a lot of things change and things not go the way I had envisioned. Not only in the form of my career but also in my personal life. Fast forward to today, I still live at home, I have moved a baby step up in my career going from the manager of a consignment shop to a Sales Administrator position for a whole sale accessories and gift company. As excited as I was for the resume building and big picture aspect of this job, it’s not something I enjoy on a day to day. So what is going right? I wanted to write this piece as a reflection of what’s happening in my career at this rocky beginning period. FullSizeRender 2

Let’s Start with the dream; that thing that drives you and makes you work hard and stick out the tough days and the jobs you don’t enjoy, they are all going to get you closer, we hope….Since I was a kid I knew I was going to be a fashion designer, went to school for it my first two years. Surrounded by such talent everyday, I realized that sewing was not coming natural to me and I was struggling. So a quick switch of my major to design management and three business minors and I was ready to graduate and join the fashion world through another door. What that door is, I am still attempting to figure that out. Sorry to ramble on but lets just say the dream is split between fashion and wedding/event planning.

So what is it that I want to remember? My shitty job? The countless shitty retail hours I worked? Living at home because even after one full time job and 2 part time and free-lance jobs I still cannot afford to move out? While all of that is not ideal What I want to focus on, is my strives thus far. FullSizeRender 5

I want to remember how much I’m trying. Working every wedding, every event, every party I can get my hands on. Not only for the money but because I want to grow my portfolio, I want to leave my mark all over town delivering memorable, chic, fun events that people want to tell their friends about.

I want to remember how passionate I am about being happy in my work. I don’t want to ever lose that. Working hard to be happy in my every day, day to day is what I’ve always wanted. I won’t stop till I am.

Lastly, I want to remember how important a support team is. I am beyond blessed to have parents who are kind enough to let me stay at home while I am getting my feet on the ground. Blessed to have Jacob who doesn’t mind me talking about glitter, flowers and venues constantly. Support is all around me for whatever crazy dream I may have, I hope that never goes away.

Looking through the hard stuff and trying to focus on what’s good around you and what’s good for the big picture. That is how you move productively through this awkward time in a career.


The Routine Meme

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People always say that once your on the routine it’ll stick and become easier. Sounds simple, but it seems that each part of your life could use another routine, going to bed earlier, going to the gym “X “amount of nights a week, meal preps every Sunday night, laundry every Thursday, moisturizing and taking care of yourself this night a week,reading a good book twice a week before bed. Before you know it your life is filled with schedules and routines that has nearly eliminated spontaneous behavior. Life becomes so scheduled out that it becomes mundane. Like a meme that the longer you let it sit there on your screen, the more it will replay. It’s one of those moments where you see before your eyes the little things adding up and taking over. So how do we fix this?img_1064

As young professionals who can hardly focus, are always sleep deprived and usually running on coffee, what do we do? Prioritizing has helped me the most in this case. Being able to determine what is really important, I don’t want my whole day scheduled out. Already 9-5:30 of my day is taken and lost to spread sheets, phone calls and emails. So I have from say 5:45 to 10:00 to figure out what is important enough to take up more of my time. Growing a business is never easy and takes constant work and time. Instagraming is where I fill my nighty creative voids. Stock piling photos to post and moments to capture for when I’m stuck at a boring brown desk and want to be in the world of glitter, coffee and fashion magazines that I call home. By posting nightly or every few days I’m putting myself out there as an up and coming wedding and event planner, style consultant in all aspects of life. Once thats done, I eat dinner, hang out with my family a little bit, watch Jeopardy and flex those brain cells as  much as possible. After that there is only a little left in me before the comfort of my bed comes calling. So what is worthy enough of that time?

Life gets busy and I can’t stress enough the importance of a good planner, this week I wrote down the most important things to me:img_0941.jpg

  • Sticking to my low carb diet
  • Working out at home and at the gym
  • Taking care of my skin

While they all seem very vein, these are things that will make me happy in the long run of life and do me good. You must love and take care of yourself before you can spread the love to others.

Life will always be busy there will always be an excuse not to work out or not to go to bed early, but pushing through those factors make you stronger as a person and happier over all not to mention are turning you into a persistent boss lady who does not give up. So next time you forget to take off your make up before bed, don’t sweat it life gets busy, you’re not the only one trying to find the balance.


Passion Trumps possessions

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All my life I have known that my passion was fashion and when you are born with a love for something that is creative and artistic you know that whatever job you have has to allow you to be creative and expressive, otherwise you wont be happy. So I have always said that “I will be the girl who dose not make as much money, but loves work and what she does, so much the it wont even feel like work.” This way of thought when looking for careers his forigein to most people. Not everyone knows what they like, let alone what field they belong in. I have always wanted to help those people, I think that everyone in this life should have something that they are passionate about. Some people are passionate about money, I think that those are the financiers and accountants. Some have a passion for helping people these I believe grow up to be the caregivers and volunteers for nonprofits. When you met someone who is passionate about what they do it is so inspiring, I strive to be one of those people.image2.JPG

So how do you find your passion, how do you know what is right for you? As a freshman in college you are supposed to know when in fact 82% of college students graduate and still don’t know exactly what they want to do. There are hundreds upon hundreds of career aptitude tests that should indicate what you should do career wise. Some are very accurate and can give you a detailed list of what your personality is best for career wise. Really though, I think, that passion comes from inside. It isn’t whether you are passionate about clothes or money or cars or medicine. Its what drives you, ask yourself what in this life is worth getting out of bed for? Hopefully there will be a few answers here other then coffee and to get my phone charger.


Narrow that list to what drives you to work hard; is it self motivation, eager to please others, rewards? Finally asking yourself what makes you happy; this list I am sure could go on for days, just picking the big ones though, what truly makes your core happy.

For me it was simple, I get out of bed with the hope and uncertainty of each day and its possibilities, I am driven by the thrill of outdoing myself and admittedly impressing others, who doesn’t love a little reassurance that you are fabulous. Finally I am happiest when I feel like I can help make someone else happy.

My love for fashion started at a young age and as I grew up I realized that a lot of woman have issues with clothes, they don’t make them happy, to me that is a crying shame. So my goal in life is to make people happy. Whether that is in the fitting room helping them find the perfect little black dress or on her wedding day and making sure everyone is nothing but happy. My hope is that the people in my life can find happiness in their life. Nothing worth having comes easy, that includes finding your passion.


Confident Cocktails

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There are many different forms of bravery, to each their own definition. this past summer I attended a three day concert at the beach by myself. It was a brave moment for an introvert such as myself, through the process though I was able to meet people, stay safe and have an amazing time. I am so happy to have something  like that just for myself. Proving I can stand on my own and not having someone to accompany me is okay. Fast forward to present day December, its that time of year when everyone is going countdowns to Christmas and new years and the hashtag #newyearnewme is very much a thing.

image1 (3).jpeg

I find that at the end of every year people are so over it and more excited about the idea of new and starting over as if what they had was terrible and this was such an awful year as a whole. I can’t deny that i am usually one of those people. This year how ever I can’t even complain. Things are so good I’m terrified. Throughout this year I have voted for the winning president, obtained a new career type job that I had been so yearning for, nailed down a pretty amazing boyfriend, kept up with wonderful friendships and started new chapters with new people and even juggled three jobs,grown my confidence in such exciting ways and have been watching my life take its course and finally get going.

This weekend I was luck enough to be escorted to the Nutcracker Ballet by my love. The only reason we are going, is not only because its one of my dreams but also because of a skirt. Working in a consignment shop you acquire a number of pieces that are there for the “just in case” purpose. Waiting for that perfect moment when you need it and its just hanging there waiting for you, that is what this skirt is, a huge high waisted silk taffeta ball gown style red skirt. I loosely mentioned one day that if I ever went to the Nutcracker or dinner at the Jefferson I would wear that skirt, not more then a week later I was presented with tickets to see the Nutcracker just so I could wear it. My heart melted.image3-2
As it got closer to the day I began to do a little research of what the attire was to such an event….business casual. From then on I was doubtful of wearing such an extravagant outfit. Excuse after excuse I told myself that I should still wear it. The day of the event arrived and I had 6 options 5 other dresses and the skirt. Petrified i put on the skirt and a sheer long sleeve slightly more casual top and a pair of BCBG studded heels. I wore it, I rocked it and I did not care. As Oscar Wilde said “You can never be over dressed or over educated” a quote I use on the day to day to convince myself its okay to be too fancy.

It wasn’t that I was skinner and had just lost lost of weight, I didnt grow up and morph into this beautiful adult, it was a #newyearnewme kind of moment. I didnt need any of those factors to convince me to dress up and wear something bold. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. It was a small moment on a magical night that gave me confidence to truly live and enjoy who I am. This story may seem pointless and long for it just to be about a girl being over dressed for a date, but from my experience I hope you all can find that small moment when you decide to be brave and not care what others think. You look fabulous anyway.

I can’t complain about 2016 even though of course there were down spots, I have nothing but positive thoughts going into this next year. Happy New Year to all and to all a safe stylish holiday image5-2


The Candle Light Society

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of articles, books, magazines written about love. In a society where almost half of marriages end in divorce, the odds do not seem to be in your favor. I recently had the privilege of planning an event for the Candle light society. I would love to be able to tag or hashtag thier event however that is hardly their style or forte. The Candle light society is a group of people, Men and woman, who gather monthly and ballroom dance. Most of the attendants however are in their 70’s at least.

“It’s the kind of event where when someone stops coming it is because they died….” that is how the event was pitched to me.IMG_1465

This particular evening was the 60th anniversary of two of the members. At one point during the event the husband leaned over to me and said “thats my wife, I’ve been dancing with her for over 60 years” that statement melted my heart and made me smile from ear to ear. A simple yet affectionate love that had not faded since they married but had only grown.

Last year there was a Swiffer commercial that made me melt! Lee and Morrtie Kaufman, living life and just being that adorable old couple we all aspire to be. Still calling each other babe, caring if his wife is safe while cleaning the house and ignoring her as she went on and on about how great her new duster was. This event reminded me of that exact feeling.

All the guests busted out their Sunday best to dance the evening away, at least till 8:00pm. The whole room smelled of Chanel Number 5. All the ladies looked so pretty and happy to be their for their monthly outing. We served easy food; ham biscuits, bacon wrapped shrimp, and fruit platters. I learned about the love of Ginger ale that is shared by any people over 60, we went through 4 bottle 2 liters. Jacob was my drafted assistant for this event. He stood proud by me helping me pour drinks and help people through the line. All the guests were so sweet and appreciative. Complementing me on the food, like I’d made it, (thanks De fazio’s)  Also complementing how cute Jacob and I were just like grandparents do.

I left that night, after a easy clean up, feeing happy, appreciated and good about the work I had done. Not all work is for the money, this one in particular, I know that having that change of scene with flowers, hot food and a few decorations made this “dance party” memorable for them. Just doing my job.


Coffee, Christ and Charisma

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They say that life can change in an instant. This week has proven to be in one of those weeks. Today I walked into a nail salon to cap off a perfect day by rewarding myself with a fresh manicure. After facing the anxiety of picking a nail color, I sat down and let the girl proceed with my nails. I watched her intently as she filed ,scraped and trimmed my nails I asked for them rounded and through her face mask and thick accent, I’ll be honest I have no idea what she said. I asked her to repeat herself and I still didn’t understand what she said so I smiled and nodded having not a clue when I said yes to. I continue to watch her do my nails hoping in the back of my mind “please let me be happy with this after I pay so much to have this done, please don’t let this ruin my day” in that instance I was suddenly distracted by something on the TV in the back of the room. Before I realized she was about to start painting my nails. I had let go of my worry and anxiety and just had faith. It was in that instance that I realized me putting my face into the nail tech was the same as putting my faith in God over the last year.image1-8
This time last year I was sad, in the depression of sorts, and doing anything I could to distract myself from my break up, the death of my dog, and my overall disappointment with my situation. I would do anything to distract myself and in reality through most of my Time into decorating my childhood bedroom for the holidays. I don’t remember a lot of this time last year because I really did try to block out most of it. But oh what time can do in a year. I don’t know what has happened or why it’s all happening right now but God is finally returning my phone calls.image3-8 In the last two months, not only did an amazing guy come out of nowhere and show me how I should’ve been treated all along but now today I am happy to announce that I finally have a real big girl job! A job I have been praying about for over a year now. Is it the perfect job no, is it a steppingstone into a wonderful career and path of success yes! It’s times when you finally put your faith and trust in God when things work out. I ended up leaving the nail salon happy and satisfied.  Putting my trust in her was just same as putting my trust in God. You have to have faith belief and patience. It’s when you relax and open your eyes to what’s around you and not stress, that’s when things happen. Definitely popping champagne tonight celebrations are in order!! I hope that all of you continue to be faithful, patient and kind while waiting for your dreams to happen. Coffee, Christ and charisma three C’s of life.


Megan and Josh “Fall”ing in love


I met Megan and Josh through a local dance studio in Ashland, Off and Dancing They are that perfect boho, country, Zac brown kind of couple that I adored from the second I saw them together. I knew that coordinating their wedding would be one for the books just because I loved the vibe of the whole process.

The ceremony and reception took place on the family land that consisted of a dock that perched over the ravine just long enough for the wedding party to stand under an arbor of fresh blooms.  The sun shinned through the trees creating such a beautiful light on the couple while guests watched on hay bails and chairs while Megan and Josh vowed their to spend their lives together.

The guests were taken by foot or golf cart down the trail to the ceremony sight. Greeted along the way by sweet simple touches that carried the good vibes of the day all the way down the hill.

The reception was simple, rustic, classic and so beautiful all at the same time. Mismatched vintage plates on old barn tables with burlap table runner and each center piece a little bit different. It seemed like the big family dinner with not a sole left out on the fun. img_1094
The father daughter dance, as per usual, brought tears to my eyes. They danced to “I’ll be your man” By Zac Brown band. They danced all night and were shocked by a choreographed dance prepared by the wedding party. A remix of “My house by Flo Rida” In  the end they left with a sparkler exit and all of their friends their to send them off into their happy ending.

This was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever done. As a Virginia girl with the southern flair, this wedding captured every aspect of that. I could not have been more happy and honored to be a part of Megan and Josh’s big day.